Spring is here, so why worry about the Gutters?

With April showers and May flowers around the corner, the last thing a homeowner wants to deal with is the gutters. Yet it is important to do a spring cleaning on them but there is also another option so that a homeowner will have to worry-no more about them.

First off, when doing a spring cleaning on the gutters, you will want to have a steady and extendable ladder and if you can, have a spotter to hold the base while you are up on it. Secondly, always wear gloves when cleaning out the gutters. You may never know what could be inside them besides debris. Spiders, bugs, sharp objects could be awaiting in there. Also have a small plastic-scoop to remove gunk. Save time and spare your lawn by having a tarp beneath you to through the gunk out onto. After clearing the gunk from the gutters, make sure to hose down them, and check if there is a steady-consistent current of water flow when doing this. Also, just remember to wear a long shirt, you never know what you could touch or run into when doing this chore.

If you are curious to the solution of avoiding this hassling chore all together, that is where Gutter Monster comes along! Here at St. Clair of the Ozarks we are a proud carrier of the product Gutter Monster. Wonder how it works?

Well the Gutter Monster has a unique patent-pending corner system with diverters to disperse water evenly along the roofline. The Kynar-500 finish is guaranteed for 30 years to prevent blistering, peeling and fading from intense summer sun. With Spring showers, can handle up to 10 plus inches of rain per hour. The system installed filtrates only water to get into the actual base of the gutter, leaving out debris, leaves, twigs, etc. It is a mess, cleaning and worry-free system. Since it has a flat roof barrier above the gutter, it won’t allow twigs and small things to stick in groves as if it were a typical mesh system. Mesh gutter protection systems require cleaning still because debris can get caught into the holes, but Gutter Monster’s unique design won’t allow that to happen! The problem with gutters without protectors, is debris being caught and not allowing water to flow through. In this case the water fills to the sides, and overflows, causing rotting, damaging and molding to windows, doors, foundation and other exterior components of the home. inside the home, the water can cause cracks and leakages to wet floors. If the water isn’t flowing, it could cause the gutter to actually bend and break, leaving the home owner to have to have them replaced or fixed which can cost up to thousands of dollars. By investing into the Gutter Monster System, a homeowner can have peace of mind knowing that they don’t have to worry about if something is clogging their gutters.

Making sure the gutters are flowing properly and being cleaned is a non-stop thought, especially in the Spring. Avoiding this with Gutter Monster is an option that we proudly provide at St. Clair. So when the water comes pouring down this spring, make sure you have a safe and effective plan of action!

How to Clean your Gutters

Having clean gutters is extremely important for the wellbeing of your home. By keeping water away from your home with a properly cleared gutter system you are protecting your roof, foundation, and you’re keeping the soil from eroding away.

gutters springfield mo

  1. Get a ladder, but don’t lean the ladder against a downspout or gutter, which can easily bend or break.  We highly recommend the use of a ladder stabilizer this will eliminate any gutter damage and increase safety.  A ladder stabilizer will lock the ladder into place preventing the ladder from slipping.
  2. Remove leaves and twigs from the gutters by hand with gloves, a spackle knife, a gutter scoop or a small garden trowel.
  3. Wet down caked-on dirt, which can be difficult to remove without damaging the gutter itself, then remove it with the spackle knife or trowel.
  4. Put debris in a bucket or plastic trash bag placed on the roof or ladder. If you use a bag, you can just drop it when it’s full. You can just throw the debris on the ground, but then you’ll have a mess to clean up afterwards.
  5. Check that the downspouts aren’t clogged. Use water to unclog your downspouts by placing a garden hose in the opening.  Simply take the downspout apart If a plugged downspout can’t be cleared with a hose.
  6. Use the hose to flush the gutters with water after cleaning. (This is also the best time to find out if there are any leaks in the system.)  Then finish up by using the blower to clean up any debris that fell on the ground for the finishing touch.

Now that you’re all done, do you ever want to do that again?? Not me! Call St Clair today and ask about Gutter Monster, the best gutter protection around. Call St Clair of the Ozarks in Springfield Missouri for all of your gutter protection needs!