6 Reasons to add a Patio Cover to your home

You’re drinking your morning coffee early in the morning, and you’d love to be outside soaking in some Vitamin D, but the weather isn’t quite right…. Have you ever considered a patio cover? Here are 6 reasons to take the plunge:


  1. Elegance
    Aesthetics are important to any home, especially if the owners are hoping to re-sell the property at some point. Patio covers add tremendous value to your home with less of an investment than an addition. Some choose to blend the cover into the house’s existing design and materials, while others opt to handsomely offset the outside location with different raw materials creating a gazebo effect.
  2. Comfort
    In those hot months, a top can make your patio up to 10 degrees cooler, which will be key to everyone’s comfort if you are planning on using the location as a summer barbecue and recreation area. Also, an overhead fan can be added to the ceiling to provide refreshing top-down air currents to cool if even further.
  3. Entertainment
    Once you’ve added your patio cover, you’re going to want to always be outside! Add a TV, BBQ, or an MP3 player to set the mood for those summer nights. Kids love patio covers and it’s a great place to “camp out”
  4. Value
    As noted above, if you ever plan on selling your property, you can greatly increase the value — and stability — of your home by adding a beautiful patio cover to the location. Especially when accompanied by beautiful landscaping, a patio cover can create the kind of protected oasis that prospective buyers find highly appealing.
  5. Space
    By simply adding a roof to your patio, you have just increased the space of your home. If you decide to, you can even fortify and insulate the location so it can be a year-round play area (if you have kids) or work area (if you need a home office). Just because a covered patio starts out as an outdoor area, its purpose and value to the property can change.
  6. Nature
    Finally, one of the most pleasurable and relaxing benefits of having a patio cover is the way it puts you, your family, and your guests in touch with nature. If you live on the edge of a wooded area, or are located near a stream or creek, night times spent on your deck amid the soothing choruses of insects and the belching cacophony of frogs can help you escape into the comforting arena of nature.

If you’re ready to add a patio cover give St Clair of the Ozarks a call!

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