Replacement Windows for Spring

Winters in Missouri are temperamental. With snow, ice, and freezing temperatures one day and then warm sunny days the next- it can take a toll on your home. It is easy for your window seal to break with all of the settling your house is going through with the temperature fluctuation.

Did you feel any cold drafts this winter? Leaky windows are a sign that you need new windows. When you have windows that are allowing outside air into your home, you are opening your home up to bugs, moisture, and those dreaded springtime allergens. If we know anything about spring, we know it’ll bring a surplus of rain, bugs and allergies.

You also probably noticed those high utility bills this winter. Replacing your windows saves you around 30% on your utility bill. That’s right, we’ve seen savings up to 40%! Those costs will be high again when summer rolls around, so you might as well replace your windows now and they’ll help pay for themselves with the savings.


Spring can also be very noisy- kids are outside, all the animals are coming out of hibernation, and everyone is ready to travel. New windows can drastically cut down on outdoor noise.

Lastly, new windows will give you protection from UV rays. Certain types of windows can reduces UV rays by up to 95 percent. That means that furniture, drapes, and carpet aren’t at danger of fading from the sunlight that pours through the windows every day.

There you go- spring is the perfect time to replace your windows. Call St Clair of the Ozarks for your free consultation. We service Springfield Missouri and all of Southern Missouri!